Misplace your instructions? Fear not, you can access each set here. If you have any remaining questions, please shoot us an e-mail or give us a call.

There are also some really helpful and active Spacerailers online at who will reply to your questions with experienced and knowledgeable help.


Level 1.1 (Improved)                              Level 1.2

Level 2.1 (Improved)                              Level 2.2         

Level 3.1                                                 Level 3.2

Level 4.1                                                 Level 4.2

Level 5.1 (Improved)                              Level 5.2

Level 6.1

Level 7.1

Level 8.1

Level 9.1 (Improved)







There are many helpful videos and tutorials online to help you build your SpaceRail. Let us know if you make one of your own and we will share it!