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Spacerail Glow Level 5 includes all the fun of building your own marble run but also glows-in-the-dark! Featuring a tapering vertical corkscrew, a seesaw drop, screw conveyor elevator, and consecutive loops, the glowing rails send this intermediate level set out of this world!

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Product Description

Spacerail Glow Level 5 (Model No. 233-5G) is an intermediate level build-it-yourself marble coaster. The Spacerail Glow Level 5 marble coaster kit includes everything you need to build according the English instructions or you can challenge yourself and try building your own custom design! This kit provides hours of fun and allows you to stretch your creativity and troubleshooting skills.


  • Glow-in-the-dark marble roller coaster track
  • Helix elevator to carry SpaceRail marble to the top
  • Different tracks for marble to travel
  • Multiple loops throughout the marble run
  • Drop-through steps and vertical corkscrew drop
  • Multiple curves, spirals, and drops
  • Estimated build time: 5-7 hours*


  • 30,000 mm track line
  • Two steel .5″ marbles
  • Screw Conveyor Elevator
  • Arms and holders to place SpaceRail track
  • Freestanding base to fit entire marble run
  • English instruction manual

Batteries and cutting materials (scissors) are not included in the marble roller coaster kit. Spacerail marbler roller coasters are recommended for users that are 15 years or older.

Whether you’re a first-time SpaceRailer or veteran from the days of SpaceWarp, explore the various levels of a SpaceRail marble roller coaster and stretch your imagination. SpaceRail is a line of do-it-yourself marble roller coasters that you can assemble and have fun building, including cutting track to the correct size, forming cubes, loops, runs and drops, and attaching everything to metal rods in the plastic base. Once assembled, enjoy hours of rolling metal ball entertainment. SpaceRail is a crazy fun, self-perpetuation gizmo that will dazzle children and adults alike. Are you ready to build one of the world’s most advanced marble runs?

Need help building your Spacerail marble roller coaster? Check out Spacerail’s Facebook discussion group, Spacerailers, for support, questions, troubleshooting ideas, and special offers that are only shared with members. Tag @spacerails to be featured on our social pages (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, and Google+)!

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Questions and inquiries about Spacerail Model No. 233-5G? Please contact us via the contact page.

*Build time is an estimate and varies based on experience

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 5 in

Red, Green, Silver

3 reviews for Spacerail Glow Level 5 – No. 233-5G

  1. 4 out of 5

    manual is not easy to read.. got it working after some youtube tutorials. After some fine tuning it works like a charm. got a few of these glow in the dark kits, mounted them togheter and to let them glow I use a black light..the only thing I realy miss is glow in the dark balls if these would exist the coaster would be realy fun..

    • Hi Fred, Thanks for your comment and the feedback. What a cool idea with the glow-in-the-dark balls. We’ll pass along your feedback to our product development team.

  2. 2 out of 5

    I can’t understand the instructions and I am missing some damn piece. How do I call or let them know I am missing some pieces?? I am missing 5 pieces. We been trying to put this together since Christmas.

  3. 2 out of 5

    “English Instructions” is being very liberal with the term. The primary instructions are in Chinese or some other hieroglyph that my dumb American self can’t read. I got this for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas figuring I could help her get it set up. Upon opening the box and finding 688 individual pieces, I decided I’d better just set it up myself. A day and a half later and I’m still stumped on how to run the track. The secondary “Engrish” instructions are terribly complicated to interpret, let alone understand. For example, here is actual wording:
    Caution: the arm holder A and arm holder B is difference (it is not current).
    I’m not a dumb guy so I can figure that one out, but on some of the more complex instructions, like actually running the rail, it might as well still be in Chinese. The whole rail installation is broken down into about 8-10 phrases with several pictures that leave a lot of room for interpretation. If I ever get it figured out, I’m sure it will be awesome…but I’m honestly not sure if I will ever get there.

    • Hi Neal,
      Re-writing the instructions are our top priority and resolution for this year. We understand they can be frustrating. Until we get the instructions completed, here are a few suggestions:
      1. Use the pictures on the box and instructions to map out the marble run.
      2. Search ‘Spacerail’ on YouTube. There are a lot videos available that provide close-ups to difficult areas (consecutive loops, seesaw drops, etc).
      3. Facebook Discussion Group ( Open discussion of fellow Spacerailers for troubleshooting, tips and hints, and support.

      And we always recommend trial and error and making adjustments along the way. We hope you find this helpful!

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