Neutrino Nano Quadcopter- Green


The Neutrino Nano Quadcopter! Don’t let the size fool you. This tiny quadcopter equals big fun with 6-axis flying abilities and preprogrammed flight settings.

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Product Description

The Neutrino Nano Quadcopter! Don’t let the size fool you. This tiny quadcopter equals big fun. There are preprogrammed flight settings, from beginner to expert, so you can keep having fun while your skills increase. Once you have mastered the basics, turn on the expert mode and the Neutrino can do acrobatic stunts in every direction – front and back-flips, to the left and right, even barrel rolls.If you want to get adventurous the Neutrino utilizes a robust 2.4 GHz connection so you can take it outside without worrying about line of sight and other issues plaguing infrared systems. Four different colors available, random selection Stunt functions possible in every direction 2.4Ghz radio 4 channel operation.

FEATURES OF THE Neutrino Nano:

  • Basic flight mode – change from beginner to expert
  • 2.4 GHz radio system with 4 channels of operation
  • 6 Axis flight system – fly left, right, up, down, forward & backwards
  • LED Lights
  • Flight Time: 6-10 minutes
  • Charge Time: 45 minutes
  • Flight Range: 15 to 22 meters
  • Auto Return

Neutrino Nano Quadcopter INCLUDES:

  • Neutrino Nano Quadcopter and remote
  • LiPo Battery with USB charger
  • Tool Kit
  • Extra blades, specific to Neutrino Nano
  • Operator Instructions


  • For first time pilots, be sure to read included step-by-step flying instructions before attempting to pilot.
  • This quadcopter is not a toy and should only be piloted by persons over the age of 14 with previous RC flying experience with drones, helicopters and/or planes.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


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