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Turbo Charger Quadcopter Nano Drone- White


This RC flying drone is ready for flight! Take off and land with auto return and explore from a birds eye view with the HD video camera on SpaceRail’s Turbo Charger Quadcopter Nano Drone.

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Product Description

This 4-CH Nano 2.4GHz Remote Control 6-Axis Quadcopter Drone is just like the larger drone quadcopters but in a smaller body frame. This Turbo Charger RC flying drone is from out of this world. Similar to SpaceRail’s larger drones but in a smaller body frame. Pilots can fly their quadcopter drone with 3 other people and go as far as 50 meters from control. Fly the Turbo Charger recreationally or in obstacle courses.


  • Flight time: 7-10 minutes
  • Flight range: 50 meters
  • Charge time: 45 minutes
  • Various Flight Control Options of Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward, Backward, and Sideward
  • 4 Channel 2.4Ghz Remote Distance Reception
  • Wind Resistant up to Grade 4


  • 6-Axis Turbo Charger Quadcopter
  • Remote Control for Pilot
  • 3.7 volt rechargeable lithium battery
  • Operators manual


  • For first time pilots, be sure to read included step-by-step flying instructions before attempting to pilot.
  • This quadcopter is not a toy and should only be piloted by persons over the age of 12 with previous RC flying experience with drones, helicopters and/or planes.
  • State of the art low-voltage protection will cut power supply to rotors to prevent high flights that could result in damage to quadcopter frame and/or battery.
  • Equipped with over-current protection that will stop supplying power for rotors automatically when the blade becomes jammed to prevent damage
  • Turbo Charge is not programmed with Auto Return. Therefore, it is important to see your drone at all times. SpaceRails is not responsible for lost drones.


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Questions and inquiries about the Spacerail Turbo Charger drone? Please contact us via the contact page.


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Dimensions 7 x 7 x 4 in


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