Prepping to Build your Spacerail

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Prepping to build your Spacerail are just minor steps you can make to make the building process easier and more enjoyable. We recommend following these steps BEFORE you begin building to make the process much easier and enjoyable.

Build in a Large Space

Be sure that there is plenty of room to build the marble rollercoaster. It’s difficult to begin the building and move the Spacerail mid-project. Each Spacerail contains the measurements of the width and length ¬†Allow plenty of room for organization of your pieces as well.

Don’t Build on the¬†Floor

Though there’s plenty of room on the floor, we highly recommend building on a table. Spacerail marble runs can take anything from 1 to 40 hours to build. Therefore, to avoid any physical uncomfort, it’s best to build on a table. Coffee-size or kitchen table sizes should allow plenty of room. Also, you can read on each of the Spacerail boxes the length and width of the marble run to find the right amount of space to build.

Organize the Small Pieces

Avoid losing any of the arms and connectors by using bowls or cups to hold them. Additionally, for even better organization labels can be placed to identify pieces more quickly.

Layout the Large Pieces

Similar to organizing the small parts, organize the large pieces as well. Group metal rods, rail, base parts for easy access. We also recommend having all the necessary tools (measuring tape or ruler, and scissors) available.


These our the Spacerail team’s recommendations on making your building experience even more enjoyable. The marble runs can take 1 to 40 hours to build, depending on level and engineer experience, and we want to make sure it is a smooth process for Spacerail engineers.


Have a tip or recommendation on preparing to build your Spacerail? Leave your comment below on what helped you build your Spacerail marble roller coaster.


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