5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Spacerails

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mistakes to avoid when building your spacerailSpacerails are a fun and challenging STEM toy. Based on level and experience of building a Spacerail, they can take a few hours to a few days to put together. Overall, the feeling and accomplishment of building a Spacerail is really awesome!  We outline 5 mistakes to avoid when building your Spacerail.

Cutting rails without measuring – Always make sure that you give yourself enough railing for the track. We recommend outlining the run with your rail, then cutting. Good news about this mistake, you can purchase extra railing here.

Building in small area – Nothing worse than starting a Spacerail project and having to move it! Make sure that you have enough space to build and assemble your marble rollercoaster. Also, make sure it’s an area that you don’t use often. Moving an assembled Spacerail is no easy task.

Not organizing the small pieces – First and foremost,

Organization is key. Photo by @anettevirllinen on Instagram

when you first open your box of Spacerail parts and pieces, you’ll notice that the small pieces are bagged together. Use small bowls to organize these small parts and write one a piece of tape their name or part number.

Leaving the 2nd rail – The marble run operates with two rails running parallel with the other. If time avails, complete both sides of the parallel rails to ensure accuracy and avoid confusion the next time you choose to build.

Using glue – Though sometimes it seems like a good idea to ‘force’ or ‘help’ the pieces to stay together, it can actually make building more difficult in the future. Avoid using glue so that any last minute adjustments can be made or the incorrect pieces being stuck together.

Spacerails are difficult to build. We recommend reading our Spacerail Marble Coaster Buying Guide to choose the right level for you.


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