Customizing Your Spacerail Marble Run

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Completing and building a Spacerail marble run is not an easy feat. After completion and building your Spacerail, according to the instructions, builders do 1 of 2 things: put the Spacerail in a room as display or take it completely apart and put it away. Rather than putting away, take on a NEW challenge by customizing your Spacerail. Below we outline some ways you can customize your already built Spacerail or your new Spacerail set.

Before reading the ideas below, there are key aspects and physics that effect the marble run. Essentially, the marble needs speed and momentum to run the track. The beginning of the marble run will be the top of the elevator or a higher platform. This allows the marble to gain speed to run the track. Learn more about marble rollercoasters and physics in our blog Fun Facts with Physics and Marble Roller Coasters. 


Customization Ideas for your Marble Run:

Add or Subtract Loops: It’s common that builders will takeout loops to ensure the marble runs themaximum amount of loops they can. However, adding is also an option. Check out Jonathan’s feature with 13 loops. Using a metal shaft, extra rail, and arms to attach rail.

Re-route the track: Map out your very own track. We recommend drawing and measuring with paper and pencil to insure that you have plenty of track and materials for building. Need more track? No problem. You can buy more here.

Add horizontal loops or funnel: Rather than having the track go up and down hills, re-design with a horizontal loops or funnel. Make sure to have enough rail and plenty of rail attachers.  

Take away or add an elevator: Note that momentum and speed are key to ensuring that your marble travels the track completely. However, you can take out the elevator and have the starting point for your marble from a higher point.

Make the elevator higher/lower: Not only can you take out the helix pieces, but add the pieces as well. Make sure there is enough rail for the additional height.

Use objects/tools not included with kit: Many builders have taken advantage of building the kit completely to their specifications. Using a bike chain to carry the marble, PVC piping as a tube to travel through, or adding lights. Check out Ruben’s ‘Night Ride’ and the customizations he adds.



Did you customize your Spacerail? We want to see it! Tag or post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Need spare parts to build your custom marble run? Purchase Spacerail rail, rail holders, marbles, and metal rods here.

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