History of Marble Roller Coaster Toys

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history of marble roller coaster toys

Marbles Discovery

The history of marble roller coaster toys dates back to the time when marbles were first discovered.

During the early twentieth century, miniature spherical balls of stone were found by an excavation party of archaeologists in Mohenjo-Daro, an archaeological site located in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. The team of archeologists couldn’t come up with a better name for these spherical bodies, hence they termed them as marbles.

However, different researches have shown that the existence of marbles dates further back in time than the 2500 BC site. Marbles have been mentioned in Roman literature, ancient Egyptian literatures and many other findings associated with the excavation sites at Chaldeans of Mesopotamia.

According to Egyptian literature, marble runs were first created back in 4000 B.C. These coasters became a part of the playful culture adopted by early Egyptians as a part of many other marble games created in that era.

It was not until the 19th Century that marbles and its usage became common within the modern world. In the year 1870, for the first time, the Germans produced marbles at a massive scale and started exporting.

Over the years, as marbles became common, its application was observed in numerous fields of science. In fact, many scientific discoveries were based on observations, specifically, made on marble roller coasters only. Marbles have significantly contributed to society in the field of aerodynamics, locomotives, engineering, construction, energy distribution or transformation, and much more.


Marble Roller Coaster Toys Today 

STEM toy for kidsTo evolve the mental well-being of children around the globe, not only has history contributed immensely to it, but also the modern world has made a significant number of contributions. Why is that? It’s because marble toys can really help ignite the cognitive/analytical parts of the human brain.

In time, marble roller coaster toys have significantly contributed to become one of the most interactive learning elements for children of all ages. Below are some of the practical examples of marble coaster toys.

Traditional Marble Run

Marble running tracks, made up of plastic tube, can be a do-it-yourself construction game. It contains a marble run tower through which the marble can run through. It comes with multiple action and support pieces enabling kids to easily assemble tracks as per their preference.


Marble Run Roller Coaster

Since, children have a long lasting wish to ride one of the real glow in the dark spacerailroller coasters; they want to build one for themselves too. It requires a kid’s imagination and creativity when it comes to design thriving elements that can be surprising or breathtaking. It also helps in polishing the problem-solving skills that kids inherently have.


Magnetic Marble Run

This marble run toy is somewhat similar to the original Marble Run toy. The only different thing about this one is that it comes with magnetic foam pieces that can help support marble runs more effectively. The best thing about this Marble Run is that it helps in building up the creativity skills among children.


Marbles and Science 

Marbles and it’s relative toys have been around for centuries, there applications are varied and many. From scientific discovery to mathematics, marbles have significantly contributed to different fields. However, today, such toys are used in educational institutions to polish creative, analytical and the critical thinking capacity of a young mind.





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