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stem toy from spacerails

Do you think your child, teen or young adult is getting enough of an education at school? Do they realize what role education plays in their lives? Is the approach to educating kids limited to only books, reading, and writing? You may not have realized, but books aren’t the only resource that can help build up the analytical mind of children, teens, or young adults. Toys and games are another great resource.

Classroom toys

Spacerails is a great addition to the classroom. Photo via @su2225 on Instagram

While books can become best friends for some, for others it can be a burdensome load. We, at SpaceRails, have found a great solution to keep kids consistently interested and have fun, all at the same time! Spacerails provides a multi-purpose learning and thinking tool that gives a hands-on learning experience. Not only does it sharpen learning skills, but also helps in increasing their analytical and decision-making abilities. They can do this with siblings, friends, and family  They can build by themselves or practice team building with others.

The aim of STEM toys is to spark an interest in subject areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and is particularly helpful during the early development stages of kids. Spacerails is a STEM toy that can contribute to the understanding of these educational concepts, but in a playtime setting.



Not all parents and guardians may support the ideology of using toys as an element of education.  Therefore, we highlight the benefits of STEM toys and the Spacerail marble rollercoaster.

STEM toy for kids

Photo via @hoynohaycole on Instagram

Creates Creativity and Divergent Thinking

As parents/guardians, we all know that nothing is more fulfilling than watching a kid or young adult make decisions based on diverse approaches on their own. Playing with STEM toys can help your kids achieve that. Our Marble coaster plays a vital role in igniting the element of creativity among young minds so they can become our future master engineers and thought leaders.


Enhances IQ Levels

Educational toys, such as the Spacerail marble rollercoaster, can enhance IQ levels. Today, science has proven that educational toys immensely contribute to the flare up of different parts of the brain such as hand-eye coordination, literacy, memory, and motor skills. Marble coasters can teach your kids about symmetry, design, colors, gravity, physics, and much more.


Spacerail building

Spacerails is a great activity for family time! Photo via @maikel_diepeveen on Instagram.

Increases Spatial and Creativity Skills

Effective development of spatial and creativity skills among our younger generation may help individuals create a correlation between the object and the mind. Spacerail marble rollercoasters can help kids develop an understanding of fixing equipment, estimating distances and measurement. It may also help children to create visualization of their designs in their mind before creating them.



Boosts Motivation and Confidence 


Building a Spacerail boosts kids confidence as they accomplish the challenge. Photo via @chandelier2.0

Spacerail’s marble rollercoasters can be the perfect motivation booster for your kids. This STEM toy will hold your child’s interest indefinitely. They can experiment, problem solve, and practice decision-making skills. Your child will never get bored and will always look forward to trying out new things and increasing their skills with the multiple levels of complexity that this toy provides. There are an infinite number of combinations and variations that can be done.


If you want to create effective learning concepts within your child, then Spacerail marble runs are one of the best choices available on the market. It is a STEM educational toy that can not only be played by a group of kids & teens, but it can be equally enjoyed by adults too. It may have been awhile since you all had some quality family time together… Now is your chance! 🙂
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  • JIoMbI4

    I have not done any of the other spacerails sets and have not built a model in years. This was extremely challenging and took many hours to complete but it was worth it. I did not get the loops to works and had to improvise but the final product was awesome. If you have patience and like a good challenge I would recommend it.

  • Frank

    That is a really good article. Need to share with friends. Thanks.

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