Spacerail Building Tips and Hints

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spacerail building tips and hints

Spacerails is a fun and exciting toy, but no doubt does it have it’s challenges. We’ve gathered the most common questions that we have received and answered them with tips and hints from our Spacerail builders community. The avid Spacerail engineers come from all over the world and from different age groups, interests, and building experience.


If you don’t see an answer to a question you have, ask the Facebook Spacerailers group. Active members offer great advice and can help with troubleshooting.


1. Help! The steel marbles continue to fall off on the elevator. How do I make them stay on?

Thomas B., Spacerailers group member: “I’ve had the same problem. I just made sure the elevator was perfectly straight up and down…no tilt. That took care of the problem.”Thomas tube


Thomas T., Spacerailers group member: Thomas purchased a clear 40mm tube that would surround the elevator. “Today the tube arrived. Now it looks like this ….and it works. I’ve fixed it with a small screw.”





2. The instructions are incredibly difficult to understand. Anyone have better instructions? “Spring/Summer 2017, Spacerails will be releasing new models and that will include English-only instructions. Stay tuned for changes made to current instructions.”

Dean M., Spacerailers group member:Once you forgive the bad English, the pictures are reasonable. Lay the pipes out. Put the brackets on the page respecting the front : back direction. The rail *should* be relatively obvious. Then once you go test and tweak until the balls stay on track.”

Jimmy O., Spacerailers group member:I started naming all the rods A, B, C and so on, then I wrote down the order the white string had to be connected to the rods. I then put away the instructions, and I started putting it together. I have found out that it was easier if I ran both white strings at the [same] time, and I tried the loops over and over again to tweak and adjust. I have reached a point where it works 9 times out of 10, and I’m pleased with that.”


3. The steel marble doesn’t travel through ALL of the consecutive loops. What should I do?

Thomas B. Spacerailers group member: “The loops are always the worst! …you have to make sure nothing gets in the way. I’ve tried to make the loops as small as I can, so the marbles don’t hit other things.”

Josh P., Spacerailers group member: “How well your track is aligned will help. For my 4 loops it made a difference on how I tweaked the loops themselves to make the ball get more speed as it moves through the loops themselves. It’s not always the speed of the approach that matters ;).”

Jonathan S., Facebook messenger, built a custom track with 13 loops: “I would suggest to people to build a frame first, two vertical stands outside of where you want the loops to be and then, using the arms, place two of the metal stands horizontally – one above and one below. Then you can place the arm holders for the loops along the horizontal stands and form a sturdy frame for the loops, much like level 9 does. I would always have my eyes level with the loop I then form with the rail to make sure I create perfect circles, adjusting the heights of the horizontal stands if necessary. And doing it that way I don’t usually have any problems. I think the best technique though would be to keep your eyes level with the loop you’re creating, as if you’re following the instructions on a kit then you may not have the spare stands or arms for creating a frame.”

4. Starting my very first Spacerail marble run. Any recommendations before getting started?roselinde

Roselinde W., Spacerailers group member: “When I understood where to put the arms on the shafts it
was quite easy to build it. Got a bit frustrated every now and then and I still have to adjust some of the track to keep the balls on it (even broke the screen of my phone when the ball flew out of the looping lol), but I finished the building part”.


5. How did you produce such speed to travel through your consecutive loops?

Pavel__, YouTube video posted: “Well, actually, I kinda cheated and made the inner tunnel a bit shorter (it has one or two less loops). You can see at approximately 3:40 that the inner tunnel’s “exit” goes between two outer loops, but in reality, it’s not supposed to be like that. Other than that, it’s just constant tweaking of the tunnels and the slope.”

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  • Dick Gunderson

    I have the 231-6 Spacerail set. Construction is going good. I’m puzzled by the SeeSaw part. What is the SeeSaw supposed to do. I’m also not clear in terms of how it is integrated into the rail system. I’d appreciate any comments or helpful suggestions.

    • Jennie

      Hi Dick,
      Thanks for your comment! The seesaw is a fun feature in which the rails drop slightly with the weight of the ball. The balls weight allows the rail to dip and the ball to fall down to the next level of rail. The ball then continues to fall down each level until it reaches the main track. Here is a link to a Level 6 on YouTube. At 1:36 you can see how the seesaw works.

      We understand the instructions are difficult to read and it is on the top of our list with the product development team.

      We recommend utilizing our Facebook Spacerailers group. Its a great resource for Spacerailers worldwide to ask questions, give tips and recommendations.

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