Tips to Flying Your SpaceRail Drone

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Drones have grown quickly in popularity in the last few years and for good reason. They are fun and thanks to designers and engineers they have become affordable and user friendly. SpaceRails is also proud to offer a vast selection of drones that can be piloted by anyone. Before operating your first SpaceRail drone, there are some key points to remember to operating:

Tip #1 Fully Charge your Drone

For the maximum amount of fun, make sure that your SpaceRail drone is fully charged. The industry average for drone flight time is about 15 minutes.

quadcopter spacerail drone

Galactic Super Nova Quadcopter

Tip #2 Read the Instructions 

While your drone charges, read the instructions. Each drone comes with their own remote control panel and features. Some have sensors that help them avoid objects, and others use GPS to return to their original take-off spot. Read the instructions thoroughly on your drone and ensure that you know how to operate each function.

Tip #3 Know the Laws

To ensure the safety of others, local governments have put drone related laws into play with the FAA.   Requirements may include: registering your drone, no flying in specific areas (ie near airports, government buildings, national parks, etc), and no flying over a certain distance or height. Laws for the United States can be found here.

Tip #4 Choose the Right Flight Area

For beginners, we recommend choosing a large, flat, open area with no obstacles or protruding objects. An empty sports field or your car’s driveway works great. Ensure that the area is clear of objects that you can hit.

Tip #5 Practice Taking Off and Landing

Take a few minutes to practice take off and landing your SpaceRail drone. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the controls used, so that it’ll be easy to do so later on.

Tip #6 Time to Fly

After you’ve practiced the take-off and landing, take a step further and fly your drone left to right, right to left. Fly it up and down, vertically, and slanted.

flying car spacerail drone

Moon Racer Flying Car Drone

Tip #7 Challenge Yourself and Have Fun with your SpaceRail Drone!

Once you’ve learned the basics of your drone, try inserting fun obstacles like traffic cones, suspended

loops, and poles. This is especially fun with the Moon Racer Flying Car. There are many competitions held for drones on obstacle courses. Try building your own and have fun!


These are the best tips for flying your drone. If you have any questions about your drone, please email


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  • Mat

    While trying to fly my drone, my daughter crashed it. Now I am getting uneven power distribution that seems to be pulsing from motor to motor. Any thought on how to correct this would be much appreciated.

    • Jennie Anderson

      Hi Mat,
      Which model drone do you have? It might be something as simple as replacing the battery. Please email us directly ( and we will help brainstorm a solution.

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