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At SpaceRails, we are a growing community of innovators, designers, and engineers. We love meeting people around the world and sharing tips, hints, or stories about building marble rollercoaster kits.  Take a minute to answer questions about you and your marble rollercoaster experience at SpaceRails!

  1. When did you first hear about SpaceRails?



  1. Which was the first SpaceRail you ever built?



  1. Why do you feel so passionate about SpaceRails?



  1. What advice would you give to a first time SpaceRailer?



  1. Which was the most difficult SpaceRail track you built?



  1. What are the most difficult parts of building a SpaceRail marble roller coaster and how do you overcome them?



  1. Which was your favorite SpaceRail to build and why?



  1. Many SpaceRail engineers have the most difficulty with the loops, specifically the double loop on Level 9. Any helpful hints to help them?


  1. What suggestions would you give to make SpaceRails better?


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